Your Russian In-Game Perspective?

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    • Your Russian In-Game Perspective?

      For players that are based in Russia and/or use the Russian Call of War server, I am interested on your thoughts regarding the current state of Call of War from a Russian perspective, and your grievances and suggestions for improvement.

      • How long have you been playing Call of War in Russia, or have been using the Russian Call of War server?
      • Do you feel that there are any significant disadvantages Russian players face in the game?
      • If you've been playing since before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, how have game aspects (i.e. game availability, buying Gold or High Command accounts, the amount and personality of moderators, etc.) changed since the invasion of Ukraine?
      • What suggestions do you have, if any, that you think could improve Call of War for Russian players, or even the game in general?
      (Я также разместил эту же тему на Русском форуме, если вы хотите ответить там.)