Soviet Union HWW Playthrough

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    • A 1v1 between Germany and Soviets, both with good players, would be interesting to see. I have never seen it happen.

      I can't tell what would happen. Soviets have a better economy, but Germany will take lots of capitals in Europe, and starts with a superior army. Most of Soviet's cities are in the west close to Europe -- lose those and he's screwed. But Germany will more likely be in a worse situation diplomatically than Soviets
    • Ok, here's an update. Me and France are at war. His militia collided into my troops while trying to hit the same province. I have decided he offered me peace and I accepted, although since the battle had not finished yet, it flared up instantly again. I offered him peace but he either did not see it or ignored it. I decided to attack. Currently, my casualty rates are in the negative, but I have captured a few cities. I have two elite 4 commando divisions rampaging. I plan to capture Germany before attacking core France. However Syria is also an important objective. I will send quick units to rampage French Africa. I will ask Australia to deal with Indochina and perhaps (if things get desperate) ask him to send his fleet.

      In other notes, I have taken most of mainland Italy and made inroads into Libya and Ethiopia.

      My economy is going strong so far as well.