Becoming something like a side Dev

    • Becoming something like a side Dev

      Let me help 2
        Should let me be a small dev guy (if possible) (2) 100%
        Pair with a dev of my ideas (0) 0%
        bugger off let the devs take their time (0) 0%
      Hello, first im sorry if this is in the wrong spot. i just joined the game with a lot of excitement.

      I joined Australia straight away (origin of birth) looked at the units and m ocd kicked in. its amazing there's different types of units per category. But i saw the M7 priest was marked as a SP AA, and basic icons of SP arty is hummels (owned by the axis not allies) various other information that is wrong. I was hoping there could be a way that i could be let in or help a dev member fix these mistakes. Australia also has their own war units which i would like to add. any feedback would help, im willing to do a lot to help make units historically accurate. Ive got a few tweaks that may help the R&D part of the game.