С праздником, вы этого добились. Happy holidays, you have achieved this.

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    • С праздником, вы этого добились. Happy holidays, you have achieved this.

      Я думаю, что это худшее введение за всю историю игры. Получение особых видов техники от события ввиду карточки. Если вы пропустили событие или сделали небольшой перерыв, "как я не давно", заходите на свою любимую карту, думаете, что сейчас спокойно как раньше поиграете, то увы, на вас прет сосет с 20 танками амфибиями и огнеметными монстрами.
      Вы скажите, "их легко получить", может и да, а может, я не за этим сюда пришёл, что бы гоня тся за тем кто больше карточек соберет.

      Что ж, я вас поздравляю разработчики, вы реально добились того, что я лично больше, в это играть не буду.
      Наверное, это того стоило.
      С праздником всех!
      И всего хорошего.

      The cards destroyed this game.

      I think this is the worst introduction in the history of the game. Getting special types of equipment from the event due to the card. If you missed the event or took a short break, "like I have not been for a long time", go to your favorite map, think that you will play calmly as before, then alas, you are being sucked with 20 amphibious tanks and flamethrower monsters. You say, "they're easy to get," maybe yes, or maybe that's not why I came here, to chase after the one who collects the most cards.

      Well, I congratulate you developers, you have really achieved that I personally will not play this anymore.
      It was probably worth it.
      Happy holidays to all!And have a nice day.
    • I agree. Personally, I would rather pay a tenner up front for the game rather than have to spend money on unit cards and gold so that Bytro can make money, which of course I understand. But, it's not so bad. If you play correctly you can still beat golders.
      "Imma play CoW to calm down" - Literally nobody ever

      Talvisota of the Abrahamic Caliphate
    • Honestly I probably wouldn’t have lol, but this is less the game itself’s fault and more the greedy shareholders forcing the devs to do this and just the general greed that has plagued all mobile and freemium gaming in general. There isn’t a good solution other than the devs trying to balance not starving with making a good game. Hopefully they see reason here and try to implement something that still makes money while being less destructive…

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate