New Ideas for, units, maps, etc.

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    • New Ideas for, units, maps, etc.

      Hello Support Team,

      I had a few ideas for new units, and new maps, and ways to make the game better. So let us begin, so for new units I was thinking the following units would be nice.

      - Aircraft Carriers
      - Paratroopers
      - Nuclear Submarines (Ones that allow nuclear missiles to be launched from the vessel.)
      - Transport planes (Allows troops to be moved quickly.)
      - "Wonder Weapons"

      Some new maps would be nice, or being allowed to access the 100 man map on your own. So the following are new map ideas.

      - Pacific arena map
      - World map with every country with its correct borders and advanced nations.
      - Detailed very up close country landscape. (Details upon request.)

      The following ideas might make the game better.

      - A secondary capital
      - Better markets (stocks)
      - More detailed city defense
      - No Industrial Complex to create infantry
      - Easier to create a navy, and air force
      - More detailes to the game (Like viewing what the unit sees.)

      Those are all my ideas, I hope you really consider some.

      Thank you for reading,