Release Notes - 2024-02-20

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    • Release Notes - 2024-02-20

      Booster Card Rebalance! New, shiny XL cards are now available. Additionally, different Card types now provide consistent values. We also made improvements to the trade interface, and added an indicator for fallout radius when launching nuclear weapons.

      Attention, General!

      Booster Cards have been rebalanced! To make Booster Cards more intuitive to use, we have unified the values provided across Card sizes. For example, a Small Booster Card will now always deduct 15 minutes, regardless of whether it’s used to speed up construction, production or research. Similarly, using a Medium Resource Booster will now always give you 1500 units of that resource, regardless of type.
      As this means that some of your existing Cards were converted, we made sure that you don't lose any value! All your Cards have been converted to the bigger size available, meaning that you won’t miss out on valuable resources when you need them the most!

      Further, we made some much needed quality of life improvements. Whether you are engaged in high stakes diplomacy, or are simply requesting some much needed resources from your allies, the newly reworked trade interface will keep you in the loop. This way, you won’t be on the wrong end of a misguided trade deal!
      And to prevent mistakes even more fatal than a diplomatic mishap, we have added an indicator showing you the impact and fallout radius of nuclear weapons when selecting their target.

      For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

      Best of luck General!

      Your Bytro Team
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      Facebook: Call of War
      Twitter: Call of War
    • The cards got a huge buff, which could be a good thing for f2p players. Also, I think that this change will increase the pace of the early game, as more resources are available in the beginning.
      Only having 3h recruitment boosters seems like a waste for speed 4 players, as you rarely need that much of a boost.

      We have to see how that plays out.

      The nuke blast indicator is a great thing - thanks for that.
    • cycle9 wrote:

      trade seems the same, only available on new games?
      I think there was a misunderstanding unfortunately, it seems the reworked trade layout is only part of the next update and not this update, sorry for that.

      K.Rokossovski wrote:

      Still no news on the rank-1 bug...
      It's the same message that we have been saying since a while: The issue is known and will only be fixed once the new stats system is released (the old stats will be transferred). The current ETA for that is "within the next few weeks". Sorry that it takes so long :/ The team is currently reviewing the option if removing the minimum rank from maps in the meantime is an option so that joining is not blocked due to being on rank 1.
    • Lord and Saviour Freezy, if it pleases you I plead that your divine majesty considers the implementation of such a possible solution as soon at your divine being’s first convenience. I thank you, our lord in advance…

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate

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