The Rise of the Reich! The Second Strike!

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    • The Rise of the Reich! The Second Strike!

      The Reich makes a return! Thanks to an extremely lucky (and impulsive) grabbing of Germany in HWW, I have a chance to turn our nation into something new!

      The Death of Hitler!

      The German people are not a group of prejudice! We refuse to slaughter and separate our own for the lies of a mediocre Austrian Painter! A short coup by (Generic Badass German General) took place, Hitler has been shot, an a new Fuhrer rises to the helm of the Reich!

      A speech was held in Berlin by the new Fuhrer, to the acclaim of millions of Germans! Our people will rise once more!

      Research and Production.

      We decided to forgo industry and focus on production of units and construction. Sexy axis mediums, Motorized infantry, and eventually planes are our biggest goals. Our current fleet with added subs will have to suffice. As for research, Germany is rather stacked. Still, some strategic bombers in case of angry Brits and Armored cars because Motorized infantry is not enough will do.

      Our plan is rather simple… we have already aligned ourselves with our brethren in Italy. Together we will strike hard. I will solo Denmark, Poland, the Benelux and France on day one. Italy will eventually join in once ready, taking Africa, Yugoslavia, and parts of France. This will be a swift offensive, we will strike hard regardless of the foolish allies! Glory to the Reich! March, soldiers! Wait? Come again? We need a somewhat cringy generic imperialist German line? Fine… uh… Rommel!

      “Im Kampf Mann gegen Mann gewinnt derjenige, der noch eine Runde in sich hat.”


      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate
    • There is one coming up

      BTW, day 4 poland against an active soviet union
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      Glory to the Union!

      Glory to the Red Army!

      Glory to the Revolution!

      Marshal of the Forum High Command
    • Muy bueno!
      I realized the power I held, Power! The power to rule! To make the world grovel at my feet!
      We will begin with a reign of terror. A few murders here and there, murders of great men, murders of little men, just to show we make no distinction.

      Carking's alt.
    • The Second Day…

      The Glorious Reich has continued to grow. In just a single day, we managed the conquest of ALL of Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark with NO revolts! Glory to the Reich!
      Your Reich after the strike (we shot Hitler)

      To make matters better, we also began war with Sweden, and I estimate that all but 1-2 units have been destroyed with no German losses. A clean conquest will be easily accomplished.

      Production, Construction & Research:

      Not too many units will be made today. I decided to save my resources and only build some motorized and medium tanks. Infantry as well of course, as it’s cheap and fills our lines.
      However we have began building industry! Our plan is to make some of our rural industry and being upgrading cities. Construction is already beginning. With 100% morale guaranteed we have decent resources now. I decided to focus research on land and get better Motorized infantry and of course tanks. We are Germany, we must get tanks. I also built a Secret Lab in Luxembourg, hopefully RRG’s and eventually nukes will rise from this holy city.

      Der Kreig!

      Our plans are well… more expansion. One of our hopes is to move into Slovakia and Hungary today. Our units seem to be prepared…

      However this is but one of many fronts. Another series of conquests is planned toward the Baltics. Also simple.

      But of course the time has come to slit the throats of our mortal enemies in France… idea is that Italy will deal with Africa while I take Europe. Offensive begins very soon... Glory to the Reich!

      As you can see, they left a lot of holes. They stand no chance, especially with our combined arms! The Luftwaffe will make this fight trivial.

      This remains the extent of todays developments… our glorious conquest of France awaits! To end things off, here are some images from our fights yesterday.

      Glory to the new Reich.
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      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate

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    • Taffyta Muttonfudge wrote:

      Cool, but do you mind telling us what happened on the first day?
      As I wrote, I conquered of Poland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark with no revolts and only one militia lost. Also beat up Sweden.

      Joe Bartolozzi wrote:

      Great, what are the existing alliances in this game?
      Good idea.

      An alliance called the Allies exists between the USSR, UK and Japan.

      NATO exists between the US and Brazil.

      Another alliance believed iirc Eastern Elite existed between Mongolia and Manchuko. The latter was slaughtered by Japan however.

      And me and Italy have share map.

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate