Games for players who play till the end

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    • Games for players who play till the end


      I think the biggest problem of this game is players leaving games. Ussualy half of players leave after first day. I am guilty of that too sometimes. I found that rank doesn't matter much in this.

      What I suggest as improvement is creating special games for people who intend to stick around to the whole game till they win or are defeated. If you stopped playing this special game, you would get it on record. If you did it couple of times, you would not be allowed to play such a games, until you for example played 5 normal games till the end.

      What do you think?
    • Carking the 6th wrote:

      To be honest most inactive players don’t care about their record. Many just started playing the game, don’t like it and leave. C’est la vie. There is nothing we can do.
      My solution is creating special games you can enter only with good record. That would solve the problem.

      Vanrendo wrote:

      True.People like that actually penalizes themselves.Starting games and leaving it.A person can sometimes easily determine who is a game waster or a bitter ender.
      While that is true, it makes games much more boring if most of players in game are inactive.