2 allies in same province - defence question

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    • 2 allies in same province - defence question

      2 coalition members occupy one member's province with some units.

      A third player makes a surprise move into the province, starting a war. What are the combat procedures?

      For ease, let's say Host country 5 infantry, Ally defender 5 infantry, Attacker 10 infantry.

      Is it:
      A. The attacker combat is resolved versus the host country's units, 10 v 5. Then,
      B. The attacker gets a second attack against the ally stack immediately following, also 10 v 5, but now with a weaker force since the first defender inflicted damage.

      A. The attacker make two 10 v 5 attacks simultaneously, so he can deal full damage to each stack of 5 and then will take defensive damage from each.

      A. The attacker combat is resolved versus the host country's units 10 v 5. Then,
      B. The ally does nothing because it is not at war with the attacker.
      If this is the case and the attacker wins, does war break out between attacker and ally once the province flips and he tries to move?

      A. The 2 defender stacks are combined together and the attack is resolved all at once 10 v 10. If this is the case, suppose the defender's combined units are more than 10, does the defence team just count the best 10 units?

      Something else entirely.
    • What I think the OP is trying to say is this:

      Countries A and B are in the same coalition. Country A owns a province, and both countries A and B have units stationed at that province. Country C, who is not in country A/B's coalition, attacks the province.

      The attacking stack can only deal attack damage to ONE of the defending stacks at a time. If the player is active, they can choose which stack to attack. If they are not, the computer will randomly choose for them. NOTE: the player can change the defending stack that his stack is attacking throughout the battle.

      The two defending stacks will BOTH deal defense damage to the attacking stack. Both of them will take damage, however.
    • It depends who the attacker is at war with. If it’s only B, then it will still end up being at war with whoever owns the province as well. However, if they are at war with country A only, and peace with B, then unless B declares war or vice versa the attacker will only fight A. They won’t be able to take the province without killing B, though. If they end up at war with both then yes, they will fight both at the same time, taking separate damage and such.

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate
    • Thanks to you both...in my scenario it was a surprise attack, and I don't know if only the host country would be drawn into the war. A whole new scenario if a state of war already exists with one of the two defenders and I think Carking covered that.

      The scenario was a potential in my current game but didn't come to pass so I can't report any observed results.