Player statistics in error

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    • Player statistics in error

      Just curious. When do you expect to fix the Statistics problem affecting player stats? I show I've won 32 times in 21 games. Sometimes I'm shown as a raw recruit and sometimes as a Captain. I'm also wondering if my "Achievements" records are correct too. Thanks for your attention to this matter.
    • Well, obviously I missed that "announcement" and had no idea that this was a problem that extended over years. They need to hurry up as this is an aggravating situation. For example: there's a new event, Operation Supremacy, which I cannot join because it shows me to be a raw recruit whereas I've been playing this game for years and have the rank of Captain.
    • To overcome that you can spam f5 in your browser untill your rank displays propperly. It's a problem for a few months already, so i hope they will fix it soon. Usually at summer there is a spike of players that are looking for game to kill their time over the break, so my guess is they are in hurry to fix it before that happens