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    • Sell profile

      Can I sell my COW profile to other user?
      It has 200+ k of gold and some booster cards....
      profile is Damjan7
      "Then, when you run out of ammunition and the enemy continues to advance - to the bayonet, when they break your knife - to your hands, when they break both of your hands - to your teeth, when you get the last tooth knocked out, as long as you move, as long you are there - attack! When they mortally wound you, see to it that you fall in their way, so they have to go around you, jump over you or move you - bother them even in death!" speech of lieutenant Tasic before battle of Cer 1914.
    • I've seen people get taken down for trying to attempt to get paid to train other players. I believe straight up attempting to make money from the game is just downright not allowed. This would also somewhat be thrown into the multi-accounting and account sharing rules, as this would imply someone who is already playing the game would be able to purchase another account, or an additional user would be using the same account.

      Just... don't..
      Say hi on the discord <3.