What is the WORST, most annoying CoW bug

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    • The one that consistently infuriates me, is the weird bug with selecting multiple units. Where I multiselect, and attempt to move them, but then instead of moving them, the game removes the stupid GUI that allows me to do anything. It isn't a huge deal, but I have to reload every time, and loading this game is already super finicky, as I find I require perfect internet to even launch the game.
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    • There was a bug that ,I am prty sure,costed me few games back in 2021.
      Aircrafts on carrier bug which very often made your Aircrafts be convoys from carriers when you try to move them or carrier itself .
      Imagine that happening to you 5 hours away from your nearest airstrip
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    • I’ve lost carrier based planes for hours with them flying around the world and had other carrier based planes dumped in the ocean, however the relationship bugs were the most infuriating. Players could take out an air strip, change their relationship with you to ROW and your planes would land on their territory. Or you could be collocated on a province with a partner and the enemy could unilaterally change their relationship to peace with one of you allowing them to isolate bombardment damage to just one of your troops. I understand they fixed that, but it was infuriating.

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    • The thing with bugs is, you play around them, and make the enemy take more damage from them than you do yourself. Which isn't so hard, because you can already do that with normal game mechanics... so what's the difference between a bug and all the other advantages experienced players have over noobs anyway??
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    • Rank Bug.

      I see a Europe 1939 game with 2 players, I can't join because my rank is ZERO.

      (Only two players in that game because everybody else is also rank ZERO)
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