How can i handle a big continent sized nation?

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    • How can i handle a big continent sized nation?

      Hi everyone! I'm a long time player but still bad at this. I randomly decided to join a FFA version of the world at war map as an ally west african nation and 2 weeks later i'm at the top of the leaderboard with a good amount of luck. I'll bullet point what i'm struggling on.

      - What units do i produce? Should i research first or produce first then upgrade later?
      - What should i put in a stack?
      - How should i defend far away non cores in like south africa? A big navy? Planes? Both? I think both!

      I'm trying to upload an image but it won't work for some reason.
    • If you have a very large nation then I will recommend following points;
      1. Light tanks and moterized infantries with SP AA will really be good stack since they will be super fast to travel, while you can use heavy armored units in your core.
      2.Air is for sure a crucial tool for controlling a huge country and for better accessibility of airforce I would recommend you to use aircraft carriers.
      3.Naval force is a must and most important for large countries (i have almost 1.5k points in a round and I have more than 100 ships ) the best stack I would recommend is 4 BATTLESHIPs, 3 destroyers,3cruisers and if you can 1 aircraft carrier with naval bombers on it.
    • Check account stats of your enemies and try figure out what units they use the most by checking what units they have losed the most.

      You being allied nation,my recommendation is to have complete airforce and navy excluding submarines (my preference)
      When it comes to land units it depends in plans being defensive or offensive.
      Try and utilise doctrine boosted units.
      Фарис Синановић, Суна