Birthday Celebrations - 9 Years of Strategy

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    • Birthday Celebrations - 9 Years of Strategy

      Two weeks of event maps, special shop offers and a birthday gift!

      How time flies when you enjoy yourself! Has it been this long already? This week, Call of War is turning nine years old. And as with every year, we have planned a big birthday bash to celebrate. Get ready for a tour de force of Event maps, birthday gifts and sales for you to enjoy over the next two weeks.

      Birthday Gift Operation

      Join us in celebrating nine years of tense battles and daring strategies. We have a special birthday gift for you as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty and continuing support for Call of War.
      Capture a single province during the birthday celebrations and then head to the operations window to redeem your gift!

      Special Shop Offers

      Make sure to check our shop regularly for great offers and limited time bundles! We have set up a great rotation of offers, so that you can find exactly what your arsenal needs.


      A new event map every two days! We've curated a selection of your most beloved maps so that we can celebrate in style. The map will change every two days, so check out the schedule below. You do not want to miss out on your favorites!

      • 29th-30th April - Rush for Europe - LIVE NOW!
      • May 1st-2nd - Arms Race
      • May 3rd-4th - Free For All - 4x
      • May 5th-6th - Operation Supremacy
      • May 7th-8th - All Countries All In - 4x
      • May 9th-10th - Team Up
      • May 11th-12th - Swift Strike

      You can also join the official Call of War Discord, where you can follow our event calendar to automatically be notified when a new event map starts.

      Event Operation

      And if the event maps alone are not enticing enough you can partake in the special Event Operation. Progress can only be made by completing objectives on any of the birthday event maps. You’ll be richly rewarded with a selection of unit cards and resource boosters. You never know when you might need that extra bit of firepower, so this is your opportunity to stock up on reserves!

      A heartfelt thank you to you, General, for accompanying us on this journey so far! When we look at our ever evolving and growing community we are filled with pride and excitement for the future. So let’s cut the birthday cake and get ready for all the countless adventures and memories that await us in the 10th year of Call of War.

      Your Bytro Team

      Discord: Call of War
      Facebook: Call of War
      Twitter: Call of War