Why is there no UK guide for historic?

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    • Why is there no UK guide for historic?

      I'm going to take a lot of flak but lets get on with it...
      Yeah, this question is funny, that's just because it is. I haven't been able to find any playthrough/guide/whatever for the UK in Historic. I find it annoying to play with such a trash economy early on, with so many underdefended colonies. Since I talked about "underdefended" let me elaborate a bit more.
      Lets look at British Africa. Nothing except a SP artillery and a bunch of useless militia. C'mon, atleast put some infantry here and there, what sort of colonial army are you giving to the UK?? It's just annoying to build up the colonies from the ground, except for a select few cities like Nairobi with some production building in place already... Keep in mind UK got some colonies all over the world, with a trash economy added, it becomes a recipe for an annoying hell of a game. Maybe I just feel like that coz I don't devote too much time, but I'd like to hear your views. Does UK need to be given a slightly better economy and a better colonial army with more infantry than militia, or am I the idiot here :)
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