East Mexico playthrough

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    • East Mexico playthrough

      1939, East Mexico.

      After the fall of America, and the break up of Mexico, us East Mexicans declared independence from Mexico. We have not wasted any time after the declaration of independence we started grouping up what is left of what the Mexican army that have decided to join us.

      We started building up our industries and started researching new techs such as better tanks, better artillery, and eventually an East Mexican navy. Our dreams of reuniting Mexico under our rule will be a long, difficult, but worthy battle, whether it will be made peaceful, or made to be with bloodshed.

      We will waste no time, and place our troops at the borders of the self-proclaimed "Mexico" We will show those Mexicans who the real Mexico is! We hope to ally ourselves with the former US States such as East, or West Texas.
      We will try to decide which side we will support, and will support any if they give us the resources we need such as Oil, Steel, and most of all Rare Materials we will be sending over diplomats to both East and west to see who wants our support even more.

      Over time we will update you all on the information that is going on in the world, that is all for today
      -East Mexican government and the True Mexican press-
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • East Mexico, 1940. (For some reason Mexico City gave me share map)

      Dang it! Those Mexicans beat us to it! They will pay for this, our response: Invasion. We need to unite Mexico under our rule, not Mexico City! We must attack! Based on our intell, they will be easy to defeat. They are attacking multiple people at once, so forget about building up our military and use what we have now wall the Mexicans are weakened.

      We have now contacted the East Texan government saying that we recognize them as the true Texas, and we will support them from what we can.

      Back in Mexico, we are taking advantage of this situation, 100%. This is practically free real estate, they left their lands wide open for an attack! Now to give things clear, we haven't officially announced a Military alliance with Mexico, but, they just openly gave there troops location, and boy are we taking advantage over that.

      Mobolize the troops, and prepare for war!

      -East Mexican government, and the true Mexican Press-
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      N U T S

      The American Commander
    • East Mexico, 1940 (SAME DAY)

      Our troops have mobilized and it's time to take advantage of the weekend Mexico City, we will declare war on site! This will be a major move by us since our goal is to reunite Mexico under one rule We expect this war to be easy, and we plan on winning this war by 1941, or 1942.

      Based on the last time we got the information, we expect little resistance, like we said before, this will be free real estate.

      That is all for this short update, we will update you on any current events happening.

      -East Mexican Government, and the true Mexican Press-
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      N U T S

      The American Commander