Heavy Tank Playthrough

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    • Heavy Tank Playthrough

      Hello guys, I started a game as East Mexico around the same time as Neptune, but have not gotten into it yet. As you guys know, heavy tanks recently got buffed, so I'm going to be spamming them this game. Here's a quick recap of the first 3 days..

      1939: The Mirage took control of a weakened Mexican state near the Texas border. The Mirage noticed the country's particular strength for metal, oil, and rares.. Also, The Mirage found blueprints for a stronger Heavy Tank, so the order was given to focus on the tank tree and build industries in said resource cities.

      1940: he found his neighbours in Texas embroiled in a devastating civil war that had destroyed most of their forces.

      Without further ado, the Mirage ordered East Mexican troops to cross the border into Texas.

      Around the end of 1940, elite medium tanks had been researched, therefore production was ordered immediately.

      1941: By the middle of 1941, the East Mexican Army forces had subjucated all of Texas.. However, on this day, a new enemy arrived in an unexpected form. Cuba.
      The Mirage ordered elite divisions to defeat Cuban Expeditionary forces and submarines to prevent future landings. With the victories in Texas, the East Mexican state had become the foremost power in all of North America.
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