Canada should have few more 1500 provinces in Historic Map

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    • I think they just need to delete one of the 750 point resources and make another 750 pointer a 1500. Would keep total the same.

      I won't play it again until it's fixed 'cause it's my whole game.

      Upgrade the 1500 provinces to level 3 first ( plus 3000 each ), while doing recruiting stations and production buildings in cities.

      Then upgrade the 6000 cities to level 3 ( plus 2800 each )

      Then upgrade the most needed resources to level 4 in the cities and see where I'm at.

      There is no point upgrading 750 point provinces or 3000 point cities. Better to push the level 4 and 5 and be done.

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    • Well, you are given 8 cities. This is equal to India.

      Canada had about 11 million people at this time.

      India has about 380 million people at this time.

      Both were rather resource rich, but India was (and still kinda is) far, far more wealthy in agricultural and industrial materials like coal, and a bunch of metals that would constitute rare materials.

      Canada also has one more city than Turkey, which had 17.4 million people at this time.

      Turkey had a gdp of 23 billion, Canada about 11 billion, both in 1939 respectively.

      I couldn’t find anything specific on India, but considering how it was the UK’s main resource hub, it’s almost guaranteed to have been far wealthier (overall, not per capita)

      These comparisons actually show that Canada gets off easy relative to others. It has more or equal cities to larger and more wealthy states. It does not really deserve all those rural resources as that would be inflating its power level relative to the nations around it.

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    • I'm not asking for more resources. All countries have 5 1500 resource provinces. USA, Tibet, Persia ...all except Canada.
      Nix the two 750 food resources sitting near the north pole and put one 1500 point one in the western prairies. Nix the 750 point Goods one in the Yukon and upgrade the one in the east to 1500. Nix one of the 750 metal ones in the east and upgrade the other to 1500. No change. This isn't a balancing thing. It's a mistake that needs correcting.

      Just going to use edit to add a little more because that was an interesting reply. Getting the GDP from way back then and all. Population alone wouldn't cut it. Probably Canada's manpower per province should be lower then the other countries but the game keeps that the same across the board. Maybe GDP doesn't say everything either. Interesting though.

      So again all countries on every map start with 5 6000 point cities and 5 1500 point provinces. No more, no less. Even the clash of nations has that except there you may have two with one resource and another resource has none, but it's still five. Then the rest of the country is populated with 3000 point cities and 750 point provinces according to the countries wealth.

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    • Well, the thing is that this map has been like this for years. I doubt this is the first or last time they have been told and thought about resource balance. In fact I believe this map was edited before. Point being that things happen for reason that I can’t ignore…

      Perhaps they choose to split the resources because Canada is more dispersed than most places? It all comes out to the same overall number anyway, it seems. I can’t shake the feeling that there is a reason that neither of us understand for it.

      That’s an interesting idea… but to be fair the manpower number isn’t too bad. Canada could realistically field several hundred thousand soldiers at this time, and that’s about the max army sizes you will tend to see in this game. Same for most countries, with even Mongolia able to muster 80k. It’s not too big of a stretch…

      CarKing the 6th of the Abrahamic Caliphate