Bring Back “Reveal Country Armies” Gold Spy Action

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    • freezy wrote:

      Having to place sabotage spies in empty provinces without buildings is counter intuitive, and defending against such spies by placing counter intelligence in a lot of random empty provinces also makes little sense. With Intelligence spies the spy-antispy interaction will make a lot more sense and will be more balanced.
      In my experience, counter-espionage agents work from any friendly city. I place them in my capital to catch intel and sabotage spies across the empire. It usually takes about N friendly agents to counter 2*N enemy agents, catching most of them before or after their spying attempts. The fraction caught before the act may go up with more friendly agents deployed, I'm less sure about that.

      This is working as intended, in my opinion. Having to place separate counter-espionage agents across every city and province on the odd chance that someone might target one of those locations would be far too expensive. There is not enough cash in the game to do that. We're talking hundreds of agents to cover a large empire. Maybe local counter-intelligence agents are more effective? That would make sense. But I'm still going to deploy 1-2 in my capital, which works well enough. My opponents quickly get tired hiring replacements.
    • New

      ender611 wrote:

      How did you get that freezy. I only see the 2000 gold one. The intelligence spy only says it pertains to diplomatic and economic info. Will it also reveal local armies? Is just one spy needed?
      yes as I said in my post, it was just a regular intelligence spy. Even just 1 spy can do that, but the more you use the higher the chances of course.