Release Notes - 2024-06-11

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    • Release Notes - 2024-06-11

      Reworked how trade offers are displayed in the diplomacy window - Fixed critical bugs that prevented armies from engaging in combat

      We've got a new update with some important tweaks and fixes to enhance your gameplay.

      Now you can easily see what's being given and received in trades with a single glance, reducing errors and helping you spot scam trades more easily. This brings the desktop experience up to speed with what mobile players have been enjoying already.

      We fixed an issue where armies couldn't engage in battles in another player's province if they had Right of Way. Now, the idle army must be defeated first before you can capture the province. No more sneaky bypasses! And we also corrected an annoying bug that prevented attack orders from being issued against neutral armies close to a border.

      For a closer look at all the changes please check out the detailed Release Notes and share your feedback with us right here on the Forums and on our Discord Server.

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