Planes dissapear when entering Ocean as Convoy

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    • Planes dissapear when entering Ocean as Convoy

      Game ID: #8749857
      (HWW RP round created roughly 2 weeks ago)

      Bug Description: Planes are dying/lost while on transit in the Ocean/when entering the Ocean in Convoy form. Bug began occurring Yesterday and has not occurred prior to that point. Lost Units are not accounted in the In-Round KDR Diagram and it is not a visual bug in addition to not showing up on in-game notifications. Same issued occurred with another player(Tibet in-game). Absolutely certain that no other player/AI was responsible for the sinking as if they were, it would show up in Ingame Notifs and Newspaper.
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    • yes this happend to me. Ive lost over 12 planes in water as convoy. Shows lost in paper but not who or what killed them. Also my death score for the match is not showing me losing them. Front reports shows nothing as well. There were no subs around, yes i checked with DD and Naval Bombers. Nothing ther. This glitch is quite annoying and hope i am compensated some how. 12 planes of all types, just gone. Wtf
    • I asked and another player who has received the bug is mainly a mobile player(although he does use both). I think it's less likely that it's a PC only issue. But it's good to know that other people outside of our round are experiencing this issue and that our rp round ain't cursed.