Tips for Germany (CoN - Europe)

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    • Tips for Germany (CoN - Europe)

      I'm back at it after many months. I have been playing for 5 days and I have a total of 50-60 units. I learned from last time that I need a big airforce and a good navy so I have:
      • 2 interceptors
      • 4 tactical
      • 2 attack
      • 3 cruisers
      • 1 sub
      • 1 destroyer
      • 2 medium tanks
      • 5 light tanks
      • 6 artillery
      • 3 aa guns
      • 1 mot. Infantry
      • 1 amphibious
      • 3 armored cars
      • The rest is 3/4 to full hp infantry
      • Currently producing mech. Infantry
      I have reg, mot, and mech inf researched. I have cars, and all tanks researched. I have int, tacs, and attackers researched. I have destroyers, subs, and cruisers researched. Lastly I have flying rockets and soon rockets researched.

      I plan on invading Norway almost immediately. After I relocate my forces to Poland I will push through into Ukraine as well (they are basically unoccupied). After that I will see where to go since my "ally" Spain is a heavy gold user, but fortunately a bad player (spam flying rockets on day 1)

      I skimmed through the update tabs to see any major differences but a summary would be appreciated in case I missed anything. Also any adjustments I should make to my army composition or plan?
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    • Commander Schleicher wrote:

      Also any adjustments I should make to my army composition or plan?
      You're toodiversified. Focus on less unit types.
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