Build then upgrade or research then build?

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    • Build then upgrade or research then build?

      Is it cheaper to do the research before you start building a bunch of units or build the units and then research and upgrade to a higher level?

      For example, is it cheaper to build a bunch of level 1 planes and then do the research and upgrade them to level 3 or cheaper to research up to level 3 and then build level 3 planes?
    • There's advantages to both. The upgrade route is more expensive, because in the end you pay 150% for each unit. On the other hand, you need much less production facilities, and the "end product" is available sooner (you can start the upgrade even before finishing the last research, which is slightly cheaper as well; while on the "build" route you can only start building your troops then).

      I often find myself using the upgrade route for troops I don't need to use right away (planes, for example) and the "build" route for regular duty battlefield units (like AC and arty).
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    • You should also take into account that intermediate upgrades cost: if you upgrade a unit from level 1 to 3 it will cost the same price than if you upgrade from level 2 to 3. So that means that you pay more but sometimes it makes sense.

      For instance I do upgrade my battleships and artillery to level 2 most of the time because level 2 really makes a difference in the battlefield in early/mid game, then I upgrade them to level 3. But I wait until level 3 or 4 research is finished to upgrade my tactical bombers and infantry.

      At the end of the day this game is about time and cost optimization, K. Rokossovski explained it vey well in the previous post.

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    • The only time I've upgraded units from 1 to 2 (on purpose) was with infantry when fighting for survival on day 2. Else it simply doesn't make sense. You get more bang for the buck with additional level 1 units. Later on, upgrade all of them to 3 or even better to 4.
    • It’s very inefficient to upgrade one level at a time. Best done in very specific situations like scout units or units with fewer levels available like rocket arty or jets. However sometimes desperate times call of desperate measures.

      Upgrading is great because your units are already built, grouped, and presumably close to the front lines.