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    • Pest control


      the new year always begins with a cleansing, and the Headquarter does not want to be an exception. Our exterminators have been putting a great deal of work to improve the world of Call of War once more, so everything is nice and clean before the new mystery unit will see the light of day. We’d like to thank all generals who did their best to support us on the hunt!

      • Some units turned invisible and uncontrollable, we fixed this.
      • We also fixed another issue where airplanes were painted on top of cities.
      • The economic stats are working now, they previously showed 0 for all values.
      • After a revolt, spies were on some occasions uncontrollable, we fixed that.
      • We solved a bug that allowed Interceptors in patrol mode to shoot down nuclear rockets.
      • The service record does now display the same values as the summary.
      • To prevent spam, newspaper articles can now only be reported once.
      • Interceptors do now behave correctly towards stealth units and do not fire blindly against stealthed submarines anymore.
      • We decided to detach the Facebook login from the website, as it could lead to misunderstandings.
      • We fixed an issue where the treasure pop up did not disappear.
      • The missing arrow from the “buildings” tab in the build queue is back again.
      • We optimized the game loading screen.
      • You can now use “Escape” to close panels.
      • Some error messages had a code, we now added some text to make them clearer for you.
      • We added advanced filtering possibilities to the province list (High Command only).
        Last but not least: what we also did was adding a couple of features for our awesome volunteers to make their work easier!
        The Call of War HQ
    • cant wait,

      although when I logged on and saw the new pic, I thought something had come out
      then I read down,

      but Im glad u posted, I had noticed a few new things
      glad too see the hard workd :)
      keep it up

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    • What are the advanced filtering possibilities that those of us who can't afford the High Command are missing? Because I've been begging for months to get a sort-by-Money-Income filter and now it's probably been included where I will never get to use it anyway.

      I actually hope the new filter doesn't include that since they'd be taking my idea and rewarding the payers with it while I get nothing.
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