Boredom Coefficient

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    • Boredom Coefficient

      Most maps i have played on don't go past day 40 before the last players agree to retire the map. There are some maps that just keep on going forever past day 40 with no end in sight. Some of my 100 country maps have devolved to 10 or more players sitting on a map and essentially trying to wait each other out without taking the "war" option. I have a suggestion: Put day limits in place on maps that give a cut off day at which time everyone left on map is given their proportion of the gold from victory points accumulated. This would accelerate game play when they know they have a time limit on days the map will run. They will then go to new maps and hopefully spend more money on a non boring game. Waiting for a map to end is boring and not good business for your Bytro business model. Any other suggestions on how to increase player activity and increase enjoyment of the game, please respond...*bows*... :thumbsup: :beer: 8) :tumbleweed:
      If it is possible; It is already done. If it's impossible it just takes a while longer. :tumbleweed: