Hidden defense stat?

    • Hidden defense stat?

      I caught a stack of 45 troops of all sorts of types traveling from Rhodes back to Turkey, I sent 2 subs and thought I was pretty awesome for catching such a huge stack of troops with no naval escort. I was very surprised when my subs engaged them and immediately took about 45% damage, at the same time only killing 1 out of 45 and leaving the rest at 93%.

      My surprise arises because not a single one of the units that I was fighting showed a stat that could hurt subs. Not only does this not make sense in the stats it is also not very realistic. Convoys are not equipped to fight subs, that is exactly what makes subs so dangerous. Before someone tries to say "they have deck guns" watch this video and learn a little bit about the physics of a bullet hitting water.

      Developers, please make sure that a units stats actually work the same way that they are displayed. Please try and make the behavior of units consistent with the way that unit could act in real life.
    • The 50.cal round is nothing compared to what convoys had, and man convoys had depth charges to make subs either break off or surface: but thats a completely different thread for a completely time.

      But your point stands, this has been said before that convoys have a magical way of defending themselves against everything. While it would be good if that had a defence state, it should be shown instead of being hidden.
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    • Maybe the transports had some armed merchant ships and/or merchant-converted air recon ships with them. Mine all do.

      Also, not that I'm going to argue any point of realism, but WWII subs tended to attack shallow (periscope depth) and during twilight or daytime (with so few torpedoes, they couldn't afford to miss).

      I think you meant "...the next at 93%"; not "...the rest at 93%." When the next one dies, the stack morale could jump to 100% (depending on what's damaged already).

      When units are in transport they don't have their native attk./def. stats. It's the transport unit that has the defense stat. Units are not in a single transport; each unit has its own transport (which is why one can split a stack of units at sea).

      *If* each transport has a defense value vs subs of 0.1 (for example) then 45 transports x 0.1 = 4.5
      *If* that defense value is 0.5 then 45 transports x 0.5 = 22.5

      FYI, I had 6 to 8 lvl 2 (or 3) subs intercept 38 (or 48) transports...all transports were sunk 2 or 3 subs sunk. It took a day or two.