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    • Flight Plans

      Welcome Commanders

      Today's update brings more improvements to the airplanes in Call of War and a load of smaller bug fixes and improvements.

      Airplanes Target Assignment

      The last major airplane expansion for CoW brings you the ability to change the target and commands of airplanes without having to refuel every time. When the airplanes lift off towards their first assignment, they fly in an air corridor in which new targets can be assigned. Only when moving outside of this corridor a return to the airbase is required.
      This makes it possible for you and your pilots to react to new situations encountered during flight. At the same times this system still prevents you to circumfly enemy defenses, as the air corridor limits the range of action of the airplanes.

      Airplane related bug fixes

      Old spy information is now removed when airplanes uncover new information.
      Attacking old spy information with airplanes no longer attacks the real (but unknown) position of the target.
      Naval bombers can now spot submarines again.
      Rockets can attack targets on sea again (but will still not track moving targets!)
      Flying aircrafts no longer make conquering a province impossible. After province conquering, flying airplanes are forced to return to their airbase and can be easily destroyed.

      Other extensions

      The newspaper now reports all unit losses.
      Nuclear attacks are covered with a special news article.
      We fixed the diplomacy dialog in alliance games.
      Fixed bug where sometimes army details would not become visible or invisible (‘ghost armies’)
      Premium account users can now select ‘shared intelligence’. Production icons in the build queue are fixed.
      Submarines can no longer block land units by attacking landing units.

      Have fun playing and feel free to share your experiences here in the forum.

      :evil: <<außer Dienst>> :evil:
    • Can I suggest two things for the next update? You might not agree with me, but here they go:
      1. When taking a province where there are only planes defending, you are able to capture a small percentage of them. Same goes with rockets.
      2. Disembarking troops can be killed.
      3. Disembarking troops have 75% less strength than normal.
      Thanks so much for making games like these, and keep it going! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbup: :thumbsup:
      "You can't break a man the way you break a dog, or a horse. The harder you beat a man, the taller he stands." -Jackal (Far Cry 2)

    • have you tried get plans from the usa to Great Briton
      even if you own all the lands in the north atlantic the go by ship you should be able to fly from landing spot to landing spot
      right now they can only move as far as there patrol range they should be able to double there range when moving in 1 direction since they do not have to turn around
    • they found a pair of bombers in the ice in Iceland that ran out of gas on there way to England that were still in good shape

      so what I was saying at this time planes can move to an air field that is with in there patrol range by flying there
      but patrol range means they fly back to the airfield they left.
      why can they not just keep going to anther airfield that is out of there patrol range that is the same range as the airfield they left by using the march order
    • I agree, they should either create another (Shetland ?) island so we can cross the Atlantic, or increase range. so that we can make it. (via Iceland etc)

      But i see your point. The given range now is a return range, so if we only relocate we should be able to fly twice this distance. Else it doesn't make sense !!