New Maps

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      With the many new maps to come, I suggest recreating history and making maps of specific importance, Such as the beginning of the war with Germany and Poland, or the Pacific theater with at least Japan and the USA(Of course).
    • The world map just came out on Supremacy so I don't think we will see one here in the next 2-3 years. I really think that a pacific war map could become really interesting, maybe as a 1vs1 (Japan vs USA obviously) or a 2vs2 (like northern Japan/southern Japan vs Northern USA/southern USA). The most important part would be to make a map with the most islands possible, as the most important part of the pacific war was to progress through such island bases. I don't think the map would need much of the actual countries, but should really be focussed on the islands. Also the Bering strait would have to be as small as the real one so there is a threat of invasion from there from the first day on, and not only from the point on when the two countries begin to expand into the ocean.

      But if such a pacific map really is released, I would have one last suggestion: Aircraft carriers and maybe special marine fighter planes (or they could simply make the marine bombers that already exist be able to land and start from those carriers). Aircraft carriers, such as the american USS Yorktown, played a very important role in the pacific war.

      Sorry for my maybe a bit bad english ;)
    • Hey to people want pacific (i no know if bytro doing one for this game) but i am current design one for CoW and i will have done by 2 week :) i have around 15-18 playable nation including australiya and new zeland

      коли ви дивитеся в шоломах України ви побачите справжню силу України.
      Коли ви дивитеся в очі українців ви побачите істинний сенс буття українського
    • one is about to release on S1914 i do no think they will add world map for this game for about 6 months or also the WM success on S1914 may also play factor on the world map for here too

      коли ви дивитеся в шоломах України ви побачите справжню силу України.
      Коли ви дивитеся в очі українців ви побачите істинний сенс буття українського
    • There was allready a hint in the statistics with the "Flugzeugtransportschiff" as unit. So it will come really soon!

      For the Map i would prefer some Asian Map like in Supermacy. We would have Russia, China, Japan, USA, ... as Nations and it would be really great not to separate Nations into two Nations like "South-Japan" and "North-Japan". With the new provincesystem its easy to balance also big Countries withour seperating.
    • Well there are still limits: If you make a country too big compared to another one, it has to have many empty provinces, that don't produce anything but people and money. Therefore this larger country would have the problem that there are too many provinces to feed and the smaller country would practically only have "producing" provinces.
      This new system is awesome and it really is possible to make more accurate maps, but not endlessly big countries compared to others.