New and improved Statics

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    • New and improved Statics

      Yes I know that I have posted this before, but I have added more things that my friends have thought of

      My alliance in Call of War is filled with a bunch of my friends and we are kind of new to the game but not really, and most if not all of us like to see improvement in our selves and as a group. Therefore we think that there should be more statics for personal and alliances; for example.

      NOTE: I do know that we have some stats with ratios, however they are not very specific. When I see a 10 killed to 20 lost I expect a .5 not just a 1, or 15 killed to 10 lost I would like to see a 1.5 not just a 1. (Those are only examples I quickly though of, but decimals to the hundredths (i.e .01, .02, etc.) would be very appreciated.

      Personal Stats:

      Rounds won
      Total VP gained
      Troop Kill death ratio
      Ratio of games won to lost
      Ratio of provinces gained to lost
      Personal ELO
      Players eliminated
      players eliminated per game ratio

      Alliances stats:

      Total provinces captured
      Total provinces lost
      Total troops killed
      Total troops lost
      Total Games won
      Total games joined
      Troop ratio
      Province ratio
      Game result ratio
      Total alliance score (EXP)
      Total VP gained
      Total players eliminated
      Players Eliminated per game ratio

      (Those are only a handful that we have written down, If anyone has any more suggestions mail me my IGN is Steelers0525 I can add them to the list above)

      The personal stats can just be added on to the page that already exists under profile, but for the alliance you can make a new tab like where it says Profile, Alliance Games, etc.

      All in all I believe that it will be a good addition to the game, since it will show players that they actually are improving in the games, and they won't want to quit playing early on.

      If this doesn't work back to making spreadsheets for hours lol XD

      Thanks for your time and consideration
      :00008674: DID I HIT THE MARK :00010166:
    • Interesting.

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