Pinned State-based damage efficiency

    • Knowing that 6 light tanks must be together for max efficiency, what should we do when we have, for example, 8 light tanks on the battlefield ?

      So, if we want to attack 3 light tanks, is it better to attack with :

      - 8 light tanks (with 92% efficiency or 92% sbde) ?
      - 6 tanks + 2 tanks (with 100% sbde for each group) ?
      - 4 tanks + 4 tanks (100% sbde for each group) ?
      - 6 tanks, keeping the 2 extra tanks nearby for adding another one in the battle once 1 tank is lost in the battle ?
      - another combination ?

      Thank you
    • Coral that really depends on what you are attacking but I would take your 6 tanks straight in to enemy territory, and use the other two to take undefended provinces to each side.

      Although on a really tough target where I expected heavy losses I would send all 8 as one stack, presuming that after a couple of battles I would lose a tank or two.