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  • How to Create a New Report

    Hello everyone,

    We need and we appriceate your assistance in reporting content, users and finding bugs. We can solve these issues/problems sooner if, when creating a new report you help us further by giving the following data:

    Game Number (If using support tab in footer of forum/main CoW site):

    Please ad the number of the map. You will find it in the overview of your games or in the address line of the browser window.

    Bug Description:

    What have you done, before the bug appeared? Is it possible to replicate the bug? And most important, what does the bug do? (Please provide a description)

    Screenshots if Possible:

    Please add one or two screenshots, to make the problem obvious from the start.

    Do Not Repeatedly Report Same issue:

    Please do not report the same bug repeatedly. Theonly result of repeatedly reporting the same bug from the same map is you create more tickets and delay how soon the Game Operators (GOs) can get to the next issue.

    Reports duplicated add delay to your own ticket and others.

    Community Support
  • Darren I wrote:

    Reports duplicated add delay to your own ticket and others.
    This is indeed correct... we only need ONE ticket per bug / offensive comment / suspected multi ect.
    When we have many tickets for one issue we have to tie up all those ''loose ends'' before we can give a focused response and assistance.

    Thank you in advance to all that read this guide :D
    Field Marshal Dan
    Former Call of War Game Operator & staff trainer 2015-17
    Community Coordinator @ New World Empires
    EN Community Support | Bytro Labs