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    • Im sure most of you know of the game europa universalis or civilization. I think that we have a mode where its more based around you. You can be one of the smaller countrys and from there you conquer the world. There will be more diplomacy options with the AI. Also you could play with a friend in the same game and other things like that. In order to have this work tho the game would also have to be much faster paced instead of things taking a hour they take minuete or something like that.

      Know there would be some ways to do this such as have campaign scenarios have different scenarios you can play as. Another one being you just start up a new world by yourself (can invite a friend) and you pick your country and go on from there.

      Know it dosent have to be a campaign or called campaign just something to involve more you the AI and something like europa universalis.

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    • I agree with BjorniXL
      Carl Wilson

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    • That would change the game.

      "I came, I saw, I conquered" Written in a report to Rome 47 B.C., after conquering Pharnaces at Zela in Asia Minor in just five days; as quoted in Life of Caesar by Plutarch; reported to have been inscribed on one of the decorated wagons in the Pontic triumph, in Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Julius, by Suetonius.

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