1. History and the Gameworld

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  • 1. History and the Gameworld

    Call of War is set on the Second World War Period - but the course of history can be changed! Will there be war or peace? That decision is up to you and other players. Take control of one of the nations - and in the position of the ruler of that country you will have the ability to prevent or start wars, create or destroy powerful alliances, or even conquer the entire Europe. What will be your policy? Do you have what it takes to be the most powerful ruler in Call of War?

    You take control of the army, ground, air and naval units. Invest on your provinces, research to strengthen your army and produce powerful units. Let your opponents know your opinion on current events, or even threaten them through the newspaper, and help your allies through trading of resources, military units or even provinces. If it comes to war - Nuclear units and missiles are ready to be used to destroy the enemy. You can play with other players or create your own games. You can also join or create an alliance with like-minded people! In Call of War you have the choice. Embark in a thrilling and exciting world and lead your country to victory.
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