2. Game Interface and the Chat

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  • 2. Game Interface and the Chat

    Game Interface
    The round you're in will give you access to lots of interesting stuff - such as the newspaper, diplomacy and research.
    Newspaper - also known as World Herald will give you information about wars on that round, casualities, articles written by those who control the fate of certain countries, as well as a map which shows the changes that occur every day. Game info gives you information about the Victory Points - how many are needed to win that round, daychange and other game rules.
    Stats - show statistics for each country. Those change everyday at daychange.
    Diplomacy - which is located next to the Newspaper gives you the ability to send messages to the country of your choice, as well as trade with them, change your relations or just view the country info.
    Research - gives you the ability to research units.
    Researching a higher level of a unit, will also upgrade all units to the newly researched level.
    Victory Points can be gained by invading - different provinces have different amounts of VPs. Each game requires a certain amount of VPs to be gained by one country so the game can be won.
    The user who created the game is appointed as the Game admin, and has the ability to remove inactive players from the round. The Game Admin button giving that option can be found by selecting the flag on the upper left.
    The Market gives you the ability to buy and sell resources. In case no country is selling the resource(s) you need, you can buy
    them with gold.
    Manpower cannot be traded or sold.
    Resource production can be raised by building certain buildings - Industrial Complex, Naval Bases & Infrastructures.
    By selecting the "i" on the construction tab you can view the buildings info - Build time & costs, effects, daily upkeep and more.
    By selecting the unit of your choice on the research tab, by selecting the i in the right you will have the ability to view the units info.
    To attack provinces you just drag unit(s) there, or give them the attack command. By selecting the unit you will get information about their strength, composition, current position, morale and the ability to march, attack or split.
    Planes and rockets need an airfield in order to be able to operate/be launched.
    Province administration makes it easier to control the provinces, produce, build on them or just get informed for the amount of Victory Points, Manpower and Resources each province you control posseses.
    The Espionage tab on the left gives you the ability to recruit spies, and see their reports - which update at daychange.
    Above the flag on the upper left you can find a home icon - which leads you back to 'My games' and an i icon, which shows you some quick start info.

    Users from all over the games of the English server have access to the chat - which is located in the bottom left corner. Global, Help, High Command and Alliance chat (if part of an alliance) are a great way to make friends, get the help you need, discuss and much more.
    The arrow right of the chat removes the chat from your screen.
    Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

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