3. Tutorial and Beginning

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  • 3. Tutorial and Beginning


    Your very first game on Call of War will be classed as your "tutorial" game. In the tutorial, it will go through the basics step by step, you will also be given Gold to use as and when you wish once you have finished the tutorial.

    The tutorial is there to help you understand what to do in the first stages of a game. The tutorial explains how to create units and even speed them up using Gold and the same with construction of buildings. However, the tutorial is only a short simple description to do first, naturally what you do at the start of any/every game is entirely your choice except your first game in which you have to finish the tutorial in order to play on in that current game.
    The tutorial game will place you into a random match as any random nation on that particular map and that is when the tutorial begins.

    After the tutorial you are free to create units, construct buildings and research whatever your heart desires. However, since you will be naturally new, you won't quite know what to do next.
    The key survival is to be active, keep an eye on what you are researching, as the research tab is your main asset and will decide how well you do early game.
    There is also the question of; Do I build forts, defend and build up, or create units as fast as possible and attack the nearest nation? Again, which ever tactic you decide to do, players who care more about their economy would attack focusing on the resources they are in need of, others would maybe sit back and build up ready to take over a nearby nation. But what you do is entirely your choice; do not be afraid to flip the coin and take a gamble because if it doesn't work, you would only learn from it and become a better player as you will know what to do next time to improve your tactics and maneuvers.

    The standard new person to the game is likely to be unsure what to do, but thanks to the tutorial any new players who have completed the tutorial in their first game start with extra units compared to existing players in the game, this includes extra infantry, better morale in places and even a medium tank (which is not available in research until day 8.) Meaning as a new player, you do have the advantage with army size but maybe lack the experience of playing the game, which will come in due time with making allies by messaging active players in the diplomacy tab, playing multiple games at once usually helps you get into the swing of things (but some would recommend playing limited games at a time in order to concentrate and play better in those games.)

    If you want to know more about the game, such as the resources, units and buildings etc., check our other sections of the manual.
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