Province names copy & paste

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    • Province names copy & paste

      Hey while playing in recent matches I noticed that I often had to close my diplomacy window again in order to check how a certain province is actually properly pronounced. That's vital in this regard that you need the proper names in order to coordinate with your allies on specific targets.

      I think it might be a fantastic addition to the game if you devs somehow find a way to allow copy and paste abilities while typing messages.

      The best approach on this might possibly be some additional buttons inside the diplomacy message tab (It'll only appear if allied with somebody and writing to that specific ally.)

      Buttons like:

      Attack here
      Attack here at time x (A setting with a delay function implemented)
      Defend here
      Rally there (Rally point for regrouping purposes)
      Build item x at province (air fields for your allies for example)

      Once any of these buttons has been pressed the message window gets minimized and you can click on any specific province of your choice which will then contain a link and camera move for your allies once they read the message and click on the linked province name.

      It certainly might make things easier and also enhance the tactical game play a bit.
    • I like this, I often have the same issue.
      Carl Wilson

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    • This was already added.

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