Commandos and Paratroopers

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    • Commandos and Paratroopers

      Hey hey, so I have idea
      Commandos as special forces should have other purpose than fight in main front
      I think, commandos should be invisible!! (wo =O ow) :huh:
      Easy... they wont can take provinces... just NO, but this later
      Of course we will can see them but only from distance of automatic fight x3 (I don't know how its working)
      Also they will should have other statistic, here it is:


      New commandos will have another application than now. Not fight with great army and steel tanks but eliminate altylery and reinforments.

      Wait, this is not end. I have also idea for paratroopers. They should be next step in technology, after commandos and they should need 2 lvl of strategic bombers
      They will work as planes but they won't attack or defend - just move paratroopers.
      When they fly to target, they change to commandos and that is end.

      I'm polish so sorry for mistackes.
      It is also my idea from polish forum
    • This suggestion has been suggested several times.

      "I came, I saw, I conquered" Written in a report to Rome 47 B.C., after conquering Pharnaces at Zela in Asia Minor in just five days; as quoted in Life of Caesar by Plutarch; reported to have been inscribed on one of the decorated wagons in the Pontic triumph, in Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Julius, by Suetonius.

      "Alea iacta est" Gaius Julius Caesar.