6. The Newspaper

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  • 6. The Newspaper


    In this section of the manual I will explain everything you need to know about the Newspaper and its purpose.

    Firstly, you will need to know where it is located. The newspaper is located below your flag, rank and name which is on screen - see image below

    [Blocked Image: https://i.gyazo.com/6ba1e5f65d38306cc51f60f04ad4f756.png]

    The World Herald (title of the newspaper) is the first source for any type of information in relation to the current developments in your game. The World Herald supplies its readers with headlines and national propaganda and gives you a powerful tool, providing you with important information about all nations of the scenario and thus provides a good opportunity to keep in mind other countries and their current developments - including the enemies.

    How does the World Herald work?

    Alongside the "World Herald" title you will find the current date of the edition that you can hold in your hands and, secondly, the possibility to view the editions of the last few days to keep you to be updated. To do this you can either use the ' >' or ' < ' -buttons (one day forward or back) or you simply submit the number of the day you want in the text box between the two buttons.

    The "article writing" button gives you the possibility to write articles, which will then appear directly in the World Herald. This can be a strong diplomatic tool, articles published from there can be read by all European rulers. But this is precisely why you must be cautious: Published articles can have serious consequences so you should choose your words with care and thus not allow other nations to feel personally attacked or exposed.

    [Blocked Image: https://i.gyazo.com/1936f1b4f5213c4066ab2c56c23666b0.png]

    Should you find yourself in the possession of top-secret information, where ownership can be dangerous for you, but
    you're still of the opinion that the public must be informed about it, you can hide your identity, by composing the message as "anonymous". The consequence of this is that the article will be published without regard to its origin.

    [Blocked Image: https://i.gyazo.com/24084cb0e6a3e088cdfc23f6097b644e.png]

    Index of nations

    [Blocked Image: https://i.gyazo.com/b26e7bcea4bbf875aecb2ef375c1e1c1.png]

    The list on the left shows the positioning of the European leader in points. The points add up according to the provinces' extensions and morale values.
    The World Herald Index of Nations is updated once a day at day change. Whoever is the first to obtain the required number of points that fit into the winning criteria is seen as the sole ruler and wins the round. (Note: The number of required points can be changed by moving various victory conditions.)

    The Map in the Newspaper

    [Blocked Image: https://i.gyazo.com/de72a51ae6628ee37f3acf46cec8585a.png]

    This section shows you in the middle of the picture, the current European map, which is updated once a day. If you subsequently view older issues of the World Herald, the map of that selected day will be shown. That way, you can get an impression of the current developments in Europe, for example, the spread of nations.
    You may also notice the icons on the map which look like flames; this is to show where there are rebelling provinces(province below 30% morale) or possibly where war is occurring or has occurred but the morale is yet to rise which again is a key thing to look out for if you have any enemy's on the map to keep up with current situations and what is happening where.

    Game info

    [Blocked Image: https://i.gyazo.com/518c7dc8096969e0d0a1efe2d639c0e2.png]

    The game info section is the place to go if you want to check up on how many victory points are needed to become victorious/win the game, or to even see how long there is until your next day change. There will display game rules if there are any, this is usually for a gold round which can have extra features.


    Users with High Command are able to add pictures with articles they post in the World Herald.
    Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

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