7. Provinces and Buildings

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  • 7. Provinces and Buildings


    Each country starts with a certain number of provinces. Some of them have resources, while some don't produce anything except Money and Manpower, which are produced everywhere. Some provinces give different amounts of Victory points, while some give none.
    Productivity per day can be viewed by selecting the province - and then the i next to it.
    That gives you access to Resource production (if any), Daily Income, Daily Consumption and population.
    Morale can be viewed the same way - using the i next to it. That gives you access to - Morale, Morale trend, Army strength and Morale influences (Distance to Capital, Neighbors and at war with x number of countries - if with any).
    Having low morale on a province might lead to a revolt - the province declares itself as part of another country.
    Daily consumption is quite important - failing to fill it leads to a drop of morale.
    To raise morale on a province you can use Gold, or fill their daily consumption and the morale will raise slowly at daychange.
    The star in upper right when selecting the province shows you how many Victory Points that province gives you. Construction gives you access to buildings, Production gives you access to units and Spies gives you access to espionage tab, and the ability to recruit new spies, remove them or change their role.
    Non-core provinces are occupied and have a -75% production penalty. They have a striped backround.
    You can give a province from day 7 - and you can give only 3 provinces per game.
    There are 4 different terrain types - terrains which the units can use to their advantage or disadvantage.
    Plains - Motorized units are faster on plains. Tanks can use their maneuverability to inflict more damage to their opponents.

    Hills - Varied terrain which both - infantry and mechanized units can use to their advantage.

    Mountains - Rough Mountains reduce the movement speed and combat strength of all units. Only commando units have special training to excel in this terrain.

    Urban - Tanks are slow and easy targets for infantry units in urban combat.

    Each building gives you certain effects. They cannot be destroyed by you - but building such as barracks can be deactivated.
    During a battle, buildings can be destroyed and will need repairing. If the building is destroyed, there will be no daily upkeep.
    Buildings can be built through province administration, or by selecting the province and then going for construction.
    Daily upkeep must be filled or the building will stop working - and will need to be repaired in order to be able to use it again.
    Using Gold will reduce building time for 12 hours and it costs 850. Construction can be canceled.
    Building queues can be used by High Command users.

    Industrial Complex - raises resource production for 10% per level, and production speed for 100%.Maximum level is 5.
    Building costs (level 1)- 7.500 Goods, 10.000 Iron, 5.000 Rare Materials, 20.000 Money.
    Build time (level 1) - 2 Days.
    It allows the production of - Infantry, Motorized infantry, mechanized Infantry, Armored Car, Light/medium/heavy tanks, Anti-Air, Anti Tank, Artillery, Interceptors, Tactical/Strategic/Naval Bombers, Destroyer, Submarine, Cruiser, Battleship, Nuclear Bomber, Rocket, Nuclear Rocket, Rocket Interceptor, Nuclear Battleship, Nuclear Submarine, Railroadgun.
    Building Condition:
    Damaged buildings will draw resources as if it were at it's level. It meets requirements as if it were a level lower, and it's efficiency is proportional to the amount of damage in it's current level.
    Barracks - Raises Manpower production (10% level 1, 50% level 3), and Unit production speed (25%). Maximum level is 3.
    Building costs (level 1) - 1.000 Food, 1.000 Goods, 5.000 Money.
    Build time (level 1) - 1 min and 30 sec.
    Daily upkeep - 200 Food (lvl 1), 1.000 Food (lvl 3).
    It allows the production of - Infantry, Militia, Motorized infantry, Mechanized infantry and Commandos. Building can be deactivated.
    Air Base - allows production of planes and rockets on that province. Both those units require an air base in order to be able to operate. Allied bases can also be used.
    Building costs (level 1) - 1.000 Goods, 500 Iron, 500 Oil, 5.000 Money.
    Build time (level 1) - 18 hours.
    It allows you the production of - Interceptor, Tactical Bomber, Strategic Bomber, Naval Bomber, Rocket, Nuclear Rocket, Rocket interceptor, Nuclear Bomber.
    Infrastructure - raises resource production by 10% (level 1) and land unit speed (10%) level 1. Maximum level is 3.
    Building costs (level 1) - 1.500 Goods, 1.500 Iron, 1.000 OIl, 5.000 Money.
    Build time (level 1) - 1 day.
    It allows the production of - Armored Cars, Light tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Artilleries and Railroadgun.
    Note - resource production bonus only applies to the resources produced in the province where the upgrade was built.

    Fortifications - garrison takes less damage (-38% level 1), and raises morale development (5% level 1). Maximum level is 5.
    Building costs (level 1) - 1.000 Goods, 3.000 Iron, 5.000 Money.
    Build time (level 1)
    - 1 day

    Capitol - Moves the country capital to the province its built in. The closer a province is to the capital, the faster its morale raises. It raises morale development for 25%.
    Building costs - 1.500 Goods, 5.000 Money.
    Build time - 12 hours.
    Commandos can be produced only in provinces with a capitol.
    You can have only 1 capital.

    Nuclear Reactor - allows the production of Nuclear units - Nuclear Bomber, Nuclear Rocket, Nuclear Submarine and Nuclear Battleship. This building can be deactivated.
    Building costs - 10.000 Goods, 10.000 Rare Materials, 25.000 Money.
    Build time - 2 days
    Daily upkeep - 1.000 Rare Materials.
    Maximum level is 1.
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