12. Gold and Premium Accounts

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  • 12. Gold and Premium Accounts


    In this section you will hopefully about Gold and premium accounts and what they are about.

    What is Gold?
    The Gold is the premium currency in Call of War; With it you can use special features in the game, which are not available without the use of Goldmark. You can also play very successfully without Gold, but a targeted Gold operation may also be the deciding factor for a victory.

    The functions of Gold

    If you select a city, where morality is less than 100 %, you have the opportunity to start a propaganda and increases the morale by 10% for a small cost of 500 Gold. You can also find the same function in the Province view.

    Premium resources

    Resources may sometimes be tight. If you are at war with a nation you are unable to purchase their offer; this is where premium products come into play. You are able to purchase 5,000 resources at a time costing as little as 2,500 Gold.

    Army reinforcement

    If your troops (or any unit for that matter) return from the war, have been marching for an extended period on foreign soil or are weakened by a forced march, you have the opportunity to increase their morale, by sending them reinforcements. The costs are based on the total strength of the army: A strength points which is an increase of 10% costs some Gold. The increase in mechanical units is therefore more expensive than infantry units, as they have a greater attacking power.

    The morale increase can be found in the Army Info window next to the Morale notices . If you move your mouse over the button, the calculated costs for this special army will be shown.

    Build acceleration

    If you build a building, you can reduce the construction period of the building by 12 hours. This is possible in the province in question, with the Acceleration-Button in the Province Info window or by clicking on the image of the building that is under construction which will take you to the build menu where you can also speed up the production by 12 hours for as little as 850 Gold.

    You can use this function while launching the construction of buildings, but each building has a determined time after which it will be available in the game. It is therefore not possible, in the early days of a round to build a nuclear power plant until you have researched the required level which is available on a certain day.

    Reducing unit production time

    Just like the decreasing of buildings time, it is also possible to do the same with units for the same 850 Gold cost for 12hours. This is possible in the province in question, with the Acceleration-Button in the Province Info window or by clicking on the image of the building that is under construction which will take you to the build menu.


    In the Spy headquarters you'll find in addition to the usual Spy option salso the possibility to engage a Master spy. For these options you do not have to recruit and the spy reports will immediately be displayed.The waiting time for working alone every night or together on the Spy report is not applicable.

    The three options are:

    1. Intelligence Mission
    For Gold you can seek information on your opponent. Armies uncover cover the armies of the player in the vicinity of the selected province and the immediate country information covers there sources, diplomatic relations, news, spies and production of the selected country.

    2. Industry Sabotage
    For Gold you can either decrease the morality of an enemy province by 10% or destroy parts of the resource production of the current day in a hostile province.

    3. Military Sabotage
    You can damage a building in an enemy province for GM (the exception is the headquarters) or you can uncover all your opponent's units.

    Increasing research

    For Gold, it is possible to decrease your research of something for as long as 12 hours at a time costing 1,700 Gold. However if you have something on research that is under 12 hours, it may cost lost; if you mouse of the Gold icon, it will tell you how much Gold it would cost.

    Commercial offerings
    From time to time, the AI (computer player) nations may send you offers for Gold. These offers are exclusive and can offer any of the following:
    > Units
    > Diplomatic relation
    > Resources

    Where do I get Gold?

    There are several ways to get gold marks:
    • In our shop you'll find different offers, you can use all major payment methods
    • Under "earn Gold" you also have the possibility to earn Gold by using one of the listed Partner in surveys etc. to participate with.
    • All players who are still active at the end of a round will receive Gold depending on the amount of victory points achieved in the round. This only applies to games which are ranked.
    You can find the "buy Gold" option on the website located below your name and rank located on the right hand side.

    In the game to the far right of the resources display, you will find the account balance as well as the option to buy
    Gold from there.

    Member of High Command (Premium)

    You can become a "Member of the high command" by acquiring the Premium account in our Shop. Simply left click on the tab "purchases Premium" and you have the choice between three different maturities.

    As a member of the high command you can use certain functions, which are not available to other players, and in particular those who help other players that are not online around the clock. To do this you will receive among other things better possibilities of co-operation with other players and more control over your units and production.

    You recognize members of the command in the game and on the website with this symbol:

    Premium account advantages:
    • Free Gold rounds
    • Premium fan medals
    • Premium account features
    • General Mobilization (automatic defense office)
    • Rally points
    • Build queue
    • Advanced fire control
    • Joint spying
    Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

    -= BenjB =-

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