14. Points, Victory Points, Ranks, Awards and Achievements

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  • 14. Points, Victory Points, Ranks, Awards and Achievements

    The statistics tab gives you access to Game stats of the user - Including their rank, Military and Economic Points, Lost and Captured provinces, How many games the user has joined and combat stats. It can be found in the home page, right under your rank/level. On the left is located the Achievements tab.

    Points,Ranks and Awards
    Military Points are the stats gathered against active players. They are gained by defeating enemy units. Combat stats against AI can be found just below that.
    Economic Points are the points gained by constructing certain buildings. Each building gives a different amount of points.
    Victory Points - are The points needed to win the game. Certain Provinces have different amount of VPs - or none.
    The more Military and Economic points you win - the faster you rank.
    Ranks - The most powerful rulers of Call of War, aswell as their statistics can be viewed in the Ranking tab.
    Awards - At the end of the game the winners will get an amount of Gold. First place winner will get a shiny star on their Achievements page.

    31 different achievements - each achievement with different levels (Rookie, Veteran and Elite) - are ready to be won!
    Ruler of Europe -
    Close Combat Expert
    Guerrila Fighter
    Tank Destroyer
    Armored Fist
    Red Baron
    Carpet Bomber
    Sea Bomber
    Flying Ace
    Hero of the Skies
    Wolfpack Hunter
    King of the Waves
    Wall of Steel
    Silent Hunter
    Atomic Warrior
    Fleet Destroyer
    Little Boy
    Destroyer of the World
    Green Beret
    Ruler of Nations
    Saludos Cordiales, / Liebe Grüße, / Sincerely,

    -= BenjB =-

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