Gender Specific Messages

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  • BRDubbs wrote:

    I get all my pertinent social info from my loving wife that pays attention to stuff like that.
    Smart man. And an efficient division of labor, too.

    NICKYD wrote:

    Sorry I haven't really read what the issue is but jumped straight in as my mrs is out at the moment and i'm unsupervised
    Ancient Chinese proverb: "Happy wife, happy life." Now apply the same thought on a macro scale.

  • But.. but.. why are we even discussing this..? Of course NOT.

    Did you forget this is a World War II game? Did you forget in 1940-50 women can't be in armies and of course a woman can't be a General? God, I shouldn't have noticed this, I would be happier...

    My vote is for a Squiggle gender.
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    Ex- Main Admin (2016-2019)
  • Taikhos wrote:

    My vote is for a Squiggle gender.
    I need more support and we can make my dream come true!
    I feel oppressed whenever I see the game refer to me as a "him'! I am a Squiggle!

  • It should be fairly simple. Add a sex demographic to the user's profile, and then the message will access that information when they format the message. She for F, he for M, and if someone chooses "Prefer not to Say" then they get he because the vast majority of gamers are still probably male. (If he/she are not what Lizzy was talking about, then just use the proper terms).

    Women/Girl gamers are the largest growing segment of the customer base. Giving them a simple recognition of their sex shouldn't be an issue.
  • robertjm wrote:

    Women/Girl gamers are the largest growing segment of the customer base. Giving them a simple recognition of their sex shouldn't be an issue.
    Exactly right.

    I am no-one's idea of a drum-pounding feminist, and I am not even a particularly sensitive guy, but this just strikes me as common sense -- and a quick resolution that would be in Bytro Labs' best financial interests. But what do I know? I'm just some chump with three graduate degrees (including an MBA), and 25+ years of practical experience in business, who clearly spends too d@mn much time playing an online war game . . . . Ignore me.
  • I still disagree.

    This is a war game based on 1940, there is NO women as generals in such era. We should not rewrite history, there is no sense or need to recognize anything, it's a war game based con 1940, talking about stuff of 1940, and it should be like it is.

    Look at Bytro New World Empires. Every message on the news say clearly "Kings and Queens" because it was common in that age to have a Queen, so Bytro recognize it and everything is logic. But when we talk about a general... no in S1914, no in CoW, it makes no sense.

    Go to Conflict of Nations, and if the message there is just "he" then I will suport your complain, because right now in our era we have female generals (and, as internet like to say, apache generales), but do not expect a company to recognize who knows how many genders for a very simple reason: recognize one with isn't in the historical frame, and you have to recognize all of them to don't "disrespect" anyone.

    As you can see my title is "Main Administrator" (concretely from the Spanish server), but I'm not talking in the name of bytro or anything, we are volunteers. If someone from bytro ask me if we need this in ES, I will clearly vote NO. Someone who can be offended so easily should think a bit about her/himself and him/her need to be recognize for others instead of ask others to do what that person seems to be unable to do.

    I'm a guy, and I don't care if the game say "he/she/it/apache" or whatever (unfortunately I don't know the pronoun in english for trans and so, for that I'm forced to use "apache" even when I don't like it...) because I know what I am, and I don't need anyone to recognize it as well. It's not going to change even if someone doesn't recognize me as a guy, I am who I am.

    Anyway, I should stop following this thread, the idea was clear, well expressed, and probably on the hands of bytro right now, so it's pointless to start a discussion about points of view. I respect yours (even if I feel it's unnecessary), and I hope you respect mine.

    Thanks you all for reading, and giving ideas for our beloved game. We all appreciate your dedication and interest in some grade or another. See you on the next topic!
    "Si vis pacem, para bellum"
    Ex- Main Admin (2016-2019)
  • Taikhos wrote:

    This is a war game based on 1940, there is NO women as generals in such era. We should not rewrite history, there is no sense or need to recognize anything, it's a war game based con 1940, talking about stuff of 1940, and it should be like it is.

    freezy wrote:

    We also won't redesign the whole game so that everything reflects the real world.
    Estoy dispuesto a darlo todo, a luchar por lo que soy, a ser libre dentro de mi, a guerrear mientras viva.

    Manual: Básico y Machiavelli
  • Taikhos wrote:

    I still disagree.
    You're entitled to your opinion, and you can disagree all you want.

    Now, go back to your employers in Hamburg and tell them that your opinion is costing them money. Real money. Because some women, who might otherwise play your game and buy gold and premium memberships and add to your employer's bottom line, are put off by your opinion and COW's boys-will-be-boys atmosphere.

    Just let your employer know that you're "right," but your opinion is costing your employer money. See how that works.

    BTW, I am amused that you are relying on the historical fact that there were no female generals or national leaders during the 1940s, when COW is riddled with historical anachronisms. And when forum participants object to those anachronisms, you know what the typical response of forum moderators is?

    "We're not going to change that because most players like it that way!"

    I suggest you adopt a similar attitude towards your female customers. Unless, of course, Bytro Labs is not in business to make money. Who knows -- maybe Bytro Labs isn't concerned with profits? Maybe you should ask the persons in charge.
  • I will, don't worry, they are not my employers anyway.

    You can't make an accurate map because that will be unfair to play, WW2 wasn't fair. Poland was wiped out in "seconds", and if we want to play as Poland, we don't want to die so fast. But the atmosphere is World War Two, so you can ask for parachutes or land mines and we can talk about it, but if you ask for female generals I am going to disagree for the rest of my life.

    Money is not all in this life. We are not going to change history for a few likes in facebook or whatever. Pride, truth, loyalty, justice... are over everything, so even if my "employers" (And I already say they are not my employers) say that they will change it, I will vote against as many times as needed.

    Once again, I remember you this is my opinion and not the Bytro ones, because all the support members (Community Coordinator and down) are volunteers, just players with access to the system to help them. It's not my decission to do this or not. They may ask me, as long as they may ask every community to take it in consideration, that's all. Or they can just ignore the whole thing as it never existed. But I'm a volunteer, and I said I respect your opinion, so I will do it better...

    Tomorrow I will inform my "boss" about this thread and ask what is the actual position of the company about changes like this, if they have one, so I can come here again and tell you it. No promises anyway, they tend to be very polite, so they will probably say something like "We will see" and no one will know again if they are going to change it or not until it happens. After all, we are not their employees.

    PS: I guess you don't know how difficult could be to adapt these messages to be gener specific... but to be honest, Bytro is concerned about it. In Spanish the victory message is neutral, no male or female, it use your user name. To be clear, I don't want any change against the historical atmosphere of the game, I don't care about cosmetic changes.

    See you tomorrow, I guess.
    "Si vis pacem, para bellum"
    Ex- Main Admin (2016-2019)
  • Veteran of the march on Rome with the first female fascist groups, later Piera Gatteschi Fondelli become a leader of the female fascist youth organizations and finally the commander in chief of the SAF, the RSI army female auxiliary service, with the rank of General of Brigade. The highest military rank of a woman in Italy during WW2 (and still now I guess).

    Notice this "General" was the commander of the "female auxiliary service", not the commander in chief of a nation.

    There were also children in military service as well.

    Sometimes a frog develops 6 legs and 2 heads.

    I have always managed the norm, not the exception.

    I also don't care if the messages are gender specific. I have nothing against women. My wife, mother, sister, and daughter are all female. If it's easy, sure, go ahead and make the message neutral. Seems right. Forget about pulling personal data from profiles, tho. Keep it simple. Just neutral.

    My problem with this whole thing is that there is ONE lone troll that childishly complained about this simply to comfort her own perverse mind. There are not hordes of women lined up to play CoW, chomping at the bit to play, but do not play because they are insulted by messages. The devs or whatever you want to call them, always complain that they can't do anything about this or that or the other thing. There are just so many other things that need to be smoothed out before they start catering to one lone troll.

    Nobody sued the company that introduced "Tomb Raider" because they had to play as a female.
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