loads of what I think are good suggestions (anyone can add on if they like)

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    • loads of what I think are good suggestions (anyone can add on if they like)

      My suggestions added to Call of War 3

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      Ok, my suggestions to the staff are these:

      nerf missles' damage and increase the cost, do you know how much it cost germany to build those dang things? much less guide them, or at least put some sort of defense against them so they at least aren't unstoppable, cheap, killing machines, now i'm not saying that if it's destroyed, like a nuke that it should just be erased off the board, i'm saying it still blows up, and still does damage, but at least don't let these things take over call of war completely because they already have done that partially.

      add in strength:
      artillery so that if units are in open ground (or marching), they have more damage and it makes their marching LOADS slower, as in the real wars
      carriers take 3 at the first level of upgrade then +1 per level increase
      maybe militia to have a HUGE defensive bonus to have a chance

      add units/production facilities:
      snipers that take an hour or at max two to "hide" (no range capabilities please)
      anti-missle defense systems (with range capabilites only for missle defending)
      bunkers for units as fortifications don't really help military defensively
      forts that you can place along the border OR what I would rather like is a "dig in" feature that allows tanks and infantry and such to "dig in" for a couple of hours and after they are done add a 25% or more bonus to their defensive attack, but then if they would want to move they would have to basically "undig" for an hour, this would of course only apply to tanks and artillery and anti-air/tank things, this would make militia at least have a CHANCE of beating an on-coming infantry force, for snipers this could mean an extra defensive bonus, but maybe less of a bonus for snipers since I think snipers might be a bit OP for hiding and a defensive bonus.

      remove units:
      militia possibly, because even defending at a high level is really weak compared to the strong infantry unless the "dig in" feature is added, and they are almost practically the same cost, but LOADS weaker.

      add a game filter feature:
      this would add a game filter for the games that you want instead of going to the create a game, and do all of this stuff and only get two game references for it, only to find that neither of them actually work or are not the "same" game as you selected.

      these are my PERSONAL preferences that I think would really HELP call of war be a better strategy game, and a really great success.