Updates Apr 20th/21st

    • Updates Apr 20th/21st

      Hi everyone,

      here's the update list of today and yesterday:

      Uber client (global area)
      • Stats do not show two seperate entries for barracks and industry complex any more
      • Stats do not show transport units any more
      • Stats sorting of units is now closer to ingame
      • removed unreleased unit from stats
      • Fixed achievement description (listed wrong numbers and some wrong requirements)
      • Renamed "Angel of Death" achievement to "Destroyer of Worlds"
      • Removed frontline pioneer option from games, since currently all games are frontline games and the create option does not work because of that
      • Stats used an older version of the unit pics than the game client

      Game client
      • Updated terrain markers in province bar and unit tooltips
      • Updated Militia icons with soldier in different pose to make it easier distinguishable from infantry
      • Fixed chat resizing
      • Province list sometimes showed non-core provinces without the striped background
      • Updated tooltip description for rockets
      • Increased performance
        • Fog of war painting optimized
        • Airplane painting optimized
      • Map:
        • Islands off the mainland are now also painted in the countries color
        • Flags of Netherlands and Yugoslavia where swapped
        • Tripolis did not always show it's resource icon
      • Game end dialog now looks nice for the different stages: Top 1-3, defeated, survivor but not top 3
      • V1 (rocket lvl 1) cannot air-hop any more
      • Rocket lvl 2 now have proper image of a rocket which cannot be intercepted
      • Build Queue icons in productions view did not show their levels
      • Mobile version showed empty message on start
      • Province bar did not always show the owner of a province and our relation to it
      • Some upgrade / unit tooltips did not hide the resourcebar on small resolutions when they had to, effectively hiding the close button
      • Army bar now shows the unit counts of the units in the 2nd row without having to scroll
      • Map now shows most expensive unit in stack instead of unit which is stronges against infantry (which oftentimes is infantry)

      • Fixed AI offering empty resource for direct trades
      • Fixes to units / upgrades being not finished but hanging at 100% (please report if problem still exists)
      • V1 (rocket lvl 1) could merge with plane units which could render army broken and notreceptible to commands anymore
      • Capturing a province without a garrison did not correctly cause war
      • Revolt chance of captured province was only using army size instead of strength to decide if there should be a revolt. Now leaving stronger units in the province will suppress riots accordingly well
      • Multiple fixes to build queue processing

      • Moved research for nuclear rockets from day 38 to day 40
      • Increased range of nucelar bombers, decreased range of nuclear rocket
      • Lvl 1 research for infantry, militia, armored car is now much faster to increase game start speed when joining new games
      • Increased view range of transport ships and airplane transports (to 50)
      • increased range of railroad guns from 95 to 120km