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      "I came, I saw, I conquered" Written in a report to Rome 47 B.C., after conquering Pharnaces at Zela in Asia Minor in just five days; as quoted in Life of Caesar by Plutarch; reported to have been inscribed on one of the decorated wagons in the Pontic triumph, in Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Julius, by Suetonius.

      "Alea iacta est" Gaius Julius Caesar.
    • In-Game Name: centurion4321
      Country you want to play as: France
      Leader of that Country (as of 2000): Nicolas Sarkozy
      Please provide a sample of your ability to RP (2-3 paragraphs):
      It was a dark day for France. Criminals under the name of glory massacred French citizens. This will not stand. For too long France has been looked at like cowards. Ever since World War Two, our allies make jokes about us. This must end. No one remembers Verdun. We will remind them. Shock and awe they call it.

      Soon our carriers will be in position. The enemy can not last long with our plan complete. The sky will be filled with planes. Our navy is moving the armies of the Republic as fast as they can. It is a blitz of some sort. The enemy capital will fall within the day. And before the next we will announce our conquest to the press. All I can hope for now is for history to look upon my choice favorably.
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