16. Glossary and FAQ

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  • 16. Glossary and FAQ

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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • How do you change a conquered foreign province into a core a province?
    - You cannot convert/create a core province.
    • How do I make allies?
    - You can message the country you want to ally through the diplomacy tab, or send them a share map request.
    • When does the next day start?
    - You can see that in the Newspaper -> Game info.
    Someone posted an offensive article in newspaper. What do I do?
    - You can report an offensive article by using the 'report article' button - which can be found right under the article.
    How do I join a game with free country selection?
    - You can do that by using search options - Country selection modes, on the New Games tab.
    How to raise resource production?
    - Resource production is raised by building Industrial complex, Naval base & Infrastructures in resource producing provinces.
    How do I change my flag?
    - Flag or title cannot be changed.
    Someone sent me an offensive message...What shall I do?
    - You can report the message by clicking on it, when you do that a "report message" option will appear. By using that option you will have the chance to also specify why you're reporting that message.
    How can I zoom my map?
    - You can zoom in and out by using the + - buttons on down right.
    What are the fences on my borders?
    - That means you're at war with the country whom you share a border with.
    How can I raise my units morale?
    - You can use gold, or keep them out of combat in one of your provinces.
    What are alliance games?
    - Alliance games are internal games where only members of your alliance can join.
    What does a game admin do?
    - Game admin has the ability to remove inactive players from the round.
    How can I get gold?
    - You can get gold by buying it, earning it by staying active at the end of the game or by completing surveys.
    What are High Command benefits?
    - High Command gives you the ability to join Gold games for free, gives you access to High Command chat, Rally points, Building queues, Shared Intelligence, HC users can add images on their articles...
    How can I quit a game?
    - You can archive the game, the i on My Games tab gives you the option to do that.
    What is a private game?
    - A private game requires a password to join.
    How many accounts i'm allowed to have?
    - You are allowed only ONE account. Having more than one will get you punished.
    How can I send a message?
    - You can send a message by using the Messages tab - Write a new message.
    How do I win a game?
    - You can win a game by conquering provinces which give Victory Points.
    Where can I see how many Victory Points do I have?
    - You can check how many Victory Points you have in the newspaper.
    What are non-core provinces?
    - Non-core provinces are occupied territories, and give you only 25% of the production.
    How can I know if a province is non-core?
    - Non-core provinces have a striped backround.
    How can I raise Manpower?
    - You can raise Manpower production by building barracks. Each province will give you a small amount of Manpower aswell.
    How do I know if a player is active or not?
    - You can see that in the diplomacy tab - if the Active player shows a tick- the player is active, if it shows an O - the player is inactive. X means Computer Player.

    Air - a branch of units. Can be found on the research tab and consists on 4 types of planes.
    Air base - A building which allows the production of planes and rockets, as well as their operation.
    Albania - Country in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Greece and Yugoslavia. Appears in the 22 Players map. It consists of 2 provinces - Tirana (which also is the capital) and Vlora.
    Algeria - A country in North Africa. Bordered by Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Libya. Consists on 22 Provinces - the capital is Algiers.
    Anti Air (AA) - A unit of the Armor branch. Designed especially to defend against Air units.
    Anti Tank (AT) - A unit of the Armor branch. Designed especially to defend against tanks - armored vehicles.
    Armor - A branch of units. Can be found on the research tab and consist on 7 types of units.
    Artillery - A unit of the Armor branch. Can bombard enemies from behind the front line.
    Atomic Bomb - A type of power from the Secret Branch.
    Battleship - a type of unit from the naval branch. Have long range and best attack against ships.
    Belgium - A country in Western Europe, bordered by France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany. Its capital is Bruxelles.
    Bulgaria - A country in Southeastern Europe. Bordered by Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania and Turkey. Its capital is Sofia.
    Canada - Country in Northern America. Bordered by Northern States of America and Michingan in the 22 players map. Capital is Ottawa.
    Caucasus - A country in the border of Europe and Asia. It borders Cossack Republic, Turkey and Ukraine. Capital is Tbilisi.
    Capitol - A building which raises morale development. The closer the province is to the capitol, the faster its morale raises.
    Cossack Republic - A country in Eastern Europe. It borders Russian Empire, Communist Russia, Ukraine and Caucasus. Its capital is Stalingrad.
    Crimea - A country in Eastern Europe. Bordered by Ukraine. Its capital is Sevastopol.
    Cruiser - A unit of the naval branch. A mix of battleships and destroyers, and can take both of those roles to a certain point.
    Cuba - An island-nation located on the North Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Havanna.
    Czechoslovakia - A country in Central Europe. Bordered by Germany, Austria, Romania and Poland. Capital is Prague.
    Denmark -Country in Northern Europe. Bordered by Germany. Capital is Copenhagen.
    Destroyer - Unit of the naval branch. Defend capital ships from submarines.
    Diplomacy - A tab which gives you the ability to send messages, trade and check other countries information and activity.
    Estonia - Country in Eastern Europe. Bordered by Soviet Union (Communist Russia in 22 players map) and Latvia.
    Finland - A country in Northern Europe. Bordered by Sweden, Norway, Soviet Union (Imperial Russia and Karelia in the 22 players map). Capital is Helsinki.
    Food - A resource

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