Use of Coalitions in Roleplaying Games

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    • Use of Coalitions in Roleplaying Games

      I've played around with coalitions quite a bit in s1914, and I think they definitely add something to a normal game. However, I think they take something away from roleplaying games, and the use of them should be avoided or limited for roleplayers.

      There are some cases where they can be useful in roleplays, for example, the world map roleplay that took place a while ago. There was a Soviet Bloc, and Axis, and the Allies. Dure to the number of players on these sides, it was difficult to keep track of who was friend or foe, and certain players might even betray their alliance because there is no structure holding it together. You might find yourself in a situation where Axis-controlled Libyan ships open fire on Axis-controlled Yugoslav troop transports evacuating across the Mediterranean after the Soviets overran Europe, dooming Yugoslavia to defeat because Yugoslavia can no longer restart their nation elsewhere. With coalitions, Libya would be forced to leave the Axis coalition if they wanted to attack their ally, so this would be less likely to happen without creating serious backlash from the rest of the Axis.

      As for other roleplay games, unrestricted use of coalitions would limit nations interacting on an individual level and turn a map with 10 individually functioning nations into one with 2 coalitions, which could force a war early on, or make the game uninteresting because nations within a coalition will not interact with each other negatively. However if nations RP the development of a coalition in detail, and don't do it for the sake of having allies, but for the sake of adding something interesting to the game, it could, well, add something interesting to the game (I bet you didn't see that one coming). Us roleplayers should discuss what is an appropriate time time for using this new feature and what isn't.

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    • The use of coalitions should be clarified by the creator of the role playing game.

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