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    Hello folks,

    So y’all might have seen we have added a neat new feature over the last week or so “Coalitions”. Now it is possible to unite with your allies in a coalition and defeat your enemy/enemies.

    For the length of one game round (map) you can raise your own flag and use the coalition chat to discuss plans to destroy your enemies.

    I have made this short little thread on Coalitions, and I hope it will help answer any questions :)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    1. Where is the Coalition tab?
    A. In the top left-hand corner you can find the button for creating a coalition.

    2. Do Coalitions give you notifications?
    A. No. But you can see any new info about your coalition in the coaliton tab, got to your coalition and open the "Events" section.

    3. How do you invite players to an alliance?
    A. You cannot they need to apply to your coalition and the leader can either accept or decline application.

    4. How do I accept applications?
    A. To accept applications it is simple open coalitions, go to “My Coalition”,scroll down and will see the applications and either accept or decline (leader only)

    5. How Do I disband my Coalition?
    A. To disband a coalition you need to be its leader. Open Coalitions, got to “Settings”scroll down and you will see the disband option for your coalition.

    6. I cannot create coalition (will not load flag) what can I do?
    A. If the coalition will not load a flag please make sure to update your Adobe flashplayer and/or try a different browser. If this does not work just send us a lovely ticket.

    7.If a Coalition reached needed VP to win does the coalition win the map?
    A.NO! Victory and pay-outs are the same as normal games. Once a player reaches the VP target/limit they will win the map.

    8. Can messages be intecepted from the Coalition message chat in diplomacy?
    A. Messages can be intercepted from the sender not from the receiver.

    9. How do I leave a coalition?
    A. To leave a coalition all you need to do is open the coalition tab top left corer, go to "My Coalition", Scroll down with the longest grey slider on right hand side, and press the "Leave Coalition" button.

    10, How to apply?
    A. Go to the coalition tab > from the list pick one you like > press the (i) > Scroll down > Press Apply

    Note:When creating a new Coalition make sure you upload flag, give name and fill outdescription.

    I hope this will help you all :)


    The same game rules apply to coalitions as to the in-game newspaper. These are the rules that we all agreed to when we created our Bytro | Call of War accounts, here is a recap;

    1.Using profanity, sexual references/images, Terrorist Organizations and insulting other players is not permitted.

    2. Please be aware that imaginary related to fascism and National Socialism is strictly forbidden. If you use such symbols, names, or praise of National Socialism and fascism, we may edit/delete your coalition, ban you from game round or delete your account.

    All our rules can be found in the forums in the “Terms of Use Section”

    Dr. Leipreachán
    Community Support