Coalition flag broke?

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    • I also have this problem where I can't choose the flag for the coalition, not letting me create one.
      We, the Chicken Liberation Army, are a powerful group, setting out to free all chicken brethren from the wretched hunger of Humans. Together, we shall avenge our fallen brethren, save our families, and stop the consumption of our fellow Chickens. Join us, and you too, can become a hero, among Chickens...

      The Chicken Liberation Army Needs You!
    • Hello,

      Sorry for the delay, usually the following steps help with this issue;

      1. Please close out all your games, browser windows and then clear your browser cache.
      2. After that open the game back up and try again.
      3. If that doesn't work, then please update your Adobe Flash Player.
      4. If possible, please attempt to use a different browser, if the bug has to do with the browser, this could help get around the problem.
      If those steps don't work, please let us know. The best way for us to help you is if you submit a lovely ticket to the support team. To do this in your map just go to the settings cog in the bottom right corner and select the report a bug icon and fill out report. Then a CoW GO will investigate this issue for you.

      I hope this has helped with your query and thank you for your patience.
      Dr. Leipreachán
      Community Support