Total zoom out and Nukes

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    • Total zoom out and Nukes

      To me honest, we should really be able to fully zoom out just like on supremacy 1914, also since well, how are we RPers gonna be able to get the whole map if we can barely fit canada and the US on our screens.

      Also, I think if a nuke hits your troops, you go to war, and you may as, "doesn't that already happen", and you'd be right, but if you didn't know, if there is enemy troops to another nation, and he targets his enemies, and nukes them, but your troops are together with the enemies, they won't fight off the nuke.

      Example -

      The USA is nuking a Turkish tank in Spanish lands, Nuke goes off, Turkish and Spanish troops die, Spain and the US aren't at war if the US targeted the Turkish troops, and not the Spanish prov or troops.
      How many regert electing the current US president, and if not, please, tell me why you havent yet, id love to here you, hopefully smart answer.